Monday, April 30, 2012

The Uncertain Future

Today Anna and I discussed the various issues that will face us if she chooses to move to America. As any normal mother, she is very concerned about the education of her 2 children.

We both know that this decision cannot be entered into lightly because it will be a big change for her and the children. They have never been to America and this will be a huge culture shock at its very best. It will take much thought and discussion before this type of decision will be made.

We discussed various options available to us but we agree that we will take this one day at a time and not plan too far ahead. We are still waiting for the consulate in Russia to process Anna's letter of invitation that will be required for my Visa to enter Russia. Also my pending divorce provides many complications.

Although it is our desire to be together, many things must happen to make this a possibility. Thus Anna is very pessimistic regarding our future. We ask what you think, take our poll.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Our First Conversation in Russian

I have been studying the Russian language almost non-stop every day using the Pimsleur Approach and today I was able to speak with Anna briefly in Russian. Our first conversation was brief and consisted of the very first words I spoke to her and the title of this blog.
I spoke to Anna "Privet Anna!" and she answered "Privet". I responded with the question, "Kak dela?" which means in English "How are you?". She responded to the question with "Ochi horosho" which means "Very Well" in English. This is a huge break through for us because we were able to finally speak verbally to one another in Anna's own native language. She understood me and I understood her.
Even though I will need to learn much more of the language, I feel like this was a great step for us. I was able to speak a few more words also but I still have much to learn. Finally after 1150 pages of written words, we spoke our first conversation! It may not seem like much to those who are reading the story but for us, it is a huge milestone!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Read A Story To Me.

Learning to speak another language is not easy. I purchased the Pimsleur Approach about a month ago and am learning very slowly. I want to know how to speak Russian fluently one day but it will take years to learn this way. I do not have years. I have only a few brief months before I go visit her in Russia.

Even though Anna is also studying her English, I find it necessary to learn Russian also. Anna has volunteered to record herself reading books and send them to me with the hope I can listen to her while I fall asleep. Our hope is that with the combined methods of the Pimsleur Approach and flooding my brain with the words will help me to learn enough in a few short months to enable us to communicate in Russian.

Even if it doesn't help, it will be nice to hear her speak to me. She truly has a beautiful voice. If an Angel spoke, I am sure it would sound just like her. If you haven't yet read her story, feel free to read her story in her own words

True Love Story

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Troubling Dreams

Today Anna told me of a dream she had last night that troubled her. She wanted an interpretation and I gave it to her. Personally I think it is very accurate and she is also in agreement but we wanted to post it here in the hopes that someone else can confirm my interpretation. I will not tell the interpretation here but here is the dream.

"I walk with someone on the seaside city. They showed me a very old shabby house. And on this house is a lot of decorative details. Casings of the windows, along the cornices. And I see that all of these carved details of the house is very well preserved. They all whole, not broken. And I think that if this house repair, it will be very beautiful. And in the yard of the house, at the top, like a network, the web with huge spiders. Spiders are very large in the size of a young child. And in the middle of the yard is in a chaise lounge and a sunbathing woman. I ask her: 'Are you not afraid of the spiders?', and she replied: 'Don't pay any attention to them'"

Sorry for the errors with grammar, but this is a direct quote of the dream. Please feel free to comment with your opinion of the interpretation.
A dream and its interpretation

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A good day!

Today was a great day and we were able to talk for almost 2 hours.
Much discussion was on my trip to Russia and how we will get the Visa necessary for entering the country of Russia.
Another big topic of discussion was this blog. We discussed obsolete topics on the blog that I have since removed and we can expect to hear more of Anna's own words in the near future as this blog is becoming a collaborative effort of both Anna and I.
You can look forward to hearing more from Anna here soon.

Monday, April 23, 2012

A day without Anna (Misery)

Unfortunately, today was a rough day for Anna and she did not feel like talking. I will not discuss the details here, but I cannot blame her for feeling bad and not wanting to talk. I can only hope that she feels better when she wakes up in the morning because I can assure you that a day without Anna can only be compared to complete misery and I admit I did not have a good day either.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Never Ending Letter continues...

Today another page was added to the Never Ending Letter. It now contains 25 pages of poetry written to her. Here is just one sample from today's poem.
"separated since our birth and put on different sides of earth"
Copyright 2012, All rights reserved.
If anyone is interested in purchasing a copy of the never-ending letter please feel free to contact us. Although it has not been published yet, we will keep your name on file so when it does get published we can place your order.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Find True Love Online

Anna sent me this picture I hope everyone can enjoy it. The caption is in Russian but she was able to translate it for me. In English it translates as follows: "It is a wonderful thing the Internet, probably the only place you can find the soul, not knowing of the body ... and then go crazy with desire, to touch the body of beloved soul." We live this every day. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.
find true love online