Anna's Story

Anna was born in Russia and has spent her whole life living in Russia.
She was married for a number of years and is the mother of 2 wonderful children.
Her husband became sick and was struck with pneumonia and passed away approximately a year ago.
After months of mourning the loss of her husband a friend of hers suggested that she meet some new people. Her friend suggested a social networking site. The name of the website was
She registered on the website and created a profile, including uploading a few pictures and providing brief information about herself.
It did not take very long before Anna was getting many messages from men all over russia as well as men throughout the world. She was literally overwhelmed with all of the responses from men. Anna became quickly disappointed due to the lack of connection with every man she met there who seemed to have only one thing in mind.
One day as she considered disabling her account on the site due to the increasing number of messages from various men, she saw a brief message from a man that after reviewing his profile looked strangely familiar to her. The message was "Privet Anna!" This translates into english as "Hello Anna!"
She was not sure why he looked familiar because he lived in the United States. Anna decided to reply "Привет, Bryan! Как дела?". This translates into English as "Hello, Bryan! How are things?".
It did not take long for Anna to realize that Bryan was different from the other men. She also noticed quickly that he did not speak russian and used an online translator to translate messages to her.
This is how it all began for Anna and they now have over 1100 pages of written correspondence between them including 25 pages of poetry that Anna compares to Shakespeare.

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