Bryan's Story

True Love
Bryan looked up from his computer briefly as he saw his wife walking out with a box full of things. She turned to him as she was walking out and asked “Are you OK?” and he answered her and said “Yes, I am fine.”

2 days earlier… 

Bryan returned home after a good evening with his son. They had spent the evening with a good friend of Bryan’s who allowed them to ride on his new Harley. Although Bryan was well experienced in riding motorcycles, his friend had felt the need to train Bryan on the Harley. This was fortunate for Bryan as a Harley is not an easy motorcycle to control and is extremely heavy.
Bryan and his son enjoyed a great ride on the Harley and were very late returning home. Bryan’s wife, of 12 years was up waiting for them.
As usual she glared at Bryan and yelled at his son to go to bed. After the 14 year old son walked slowly to his room with his head down she proceeded to ask Bryan if he was ready to move on.
In complete shock, Bryan told her that he did not feel up to this discussion at the time but little did Bryan know she had already begun the process of changing all of their lives…

In the following days she showed her true intent…

Two days later Bryan returned home from work and saw his wife and her family loading things up in a moving truck.
Bryan knew that she was leaving him, yet was unwilling to fight with her anymore.
He had stopped fighting with her a year before when she and her family began falsely accusing Bryan of things with law enforcement officers.
After his wife removed approximately $40,000 worth of furniture and household items Bryan was left with a nearly empty house in the company of his 2 children and a computer.
That evening Bryan received an email from a friend suggesting a social networking site called
Bryan created a profile and decided to browse numerous profiles of others in his area. There weren't too many that were close.
So Bryan had to broaden his search. He scanned the numerous profiles in the United States.
He soon discovered a few women on that seemed to be interested in him but in the end Bryan discovered the same fact that many people do.
This fact was that many people online are not who they say they are. These women began to ask Bryan for money for various reasons. Upon discovering that Bryan did not have a lot of money and was not willing to give out personal information those women did not attempt to talk to him anymore.
It was not until Bryan and his neighbor were browsing profiles of women in Russia that Bryan was able to find someone who was real...

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