Anna's Response

Anna did not know what to expect when she opened an email and discovered that some stranger had sent a message to her.
It had only been a few short days earlier that she had been referred to a social networking site by a friend after her recent loss of her beloved husband.
Anna viewed the photos of the man on his profile and he somehow seemed familiar. Almost as if they had met before, although this could not be possible.
She decided there would be no harm in replying so she decided to reply:
"Привет, Bryan! Как дела?"
Phonetically in English this would be pronounced "Privet, Bryan! Kak Dela?".
Translated these words are "Hello, Bryan! How are you?".
This is how it all started and on the following page you will find how true love began and continues via use of modern computer translation tools.
At this point in time, they have over 3,600 pages of written correspondence between them with almost two million written words.

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