The First Conversation

On the following page you will be able to read their very first conversation. It has been edited only to remove personal information.
There is nothing spectacular in their first conversation and it is a very common first conversation. But the key that unlocked the door to love was honesty and truth.
We hope you will enjoy learning all about how Anna and Bryan met and fell in love.

Bryan - Privet Anna!

Anna - Hi, Bryan! How are you?

Bryan - I am good, Thank you. How are you?

Anna -  I am well, I just came home from work.

Bryan - I hope that you had a good day at work! What do you do?

Anna - I had a good day, Thank you. I am a manager in a personnel department. I work for Human Resources.

Bryan - Oh, OK

Anna - What do you do and where do you live?

Bryan - I live in _________ and this is part of the United States. I work on computers.

Anna - How did you learn to speak Russian? It seems to me that you do not use on-line translator.

Bryan - I'm actually using Google Translator. I know a little Russian, but I am trying to learn more.

Anna - OK, I also know some English although I need an interpreter often. We learned English at school, then at the Institute. How do you know "a little" Russian?

Bryan - I have some neighbors from Russia, and I learned a few words from them. I am even learning how to read a little bit. It is a very interesting language.

Bryan - I also have the Rosetta Stone to help me learn.

Anna - Thank you, Bryan, for the nice words about the Russian language. I have read about the Rosetta Stone method, but I did not enjoy it. Apparently it is effective for some but for me it was not.

Bryan - You're welcome. I am very pleased to meet you. I enjoy meeting new people. Who knows, maybe I'll become a Russian interpreter one day. :)

Anna - Yes, I also love new meeting new people. Are you planning a trip to Russia?

Bryan - Maybe someday I will visit Russia. My neighbor visited St. Petersburg a month ago and he showed me a lot of pictures he took while he was there. It seems to be a beautiful place.

Anna - Yes, you're right. St. Petersburg is a magnificent city. I love this city, I lived there before. It is not only very beautiful, but it even feels different there. I don't think that you will regret visiting there.

Bryan - I'm sure I'll enjoy it.  Anna, I need to go for now. I hope you have a great night. If you ever want to talk again my email is__________. Also, my Skype ID is  __________. I look forward to talking with you again soon. I may also be online here a little later, too.

Anna - Thank you too for your communication. It has been nice to meet you. I too have Skype and I think we can talk again. My email is _________.

Bryan - Thank you, I just added you as a contact on Skype.

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