Friday, January 11, 2013

A conversation of a million words.

Because every word we have spoken to one another (minus the words we spoke when I was in Russia) has been translated through Google Translator and pasted into Skype, all of our words have been stored in Skype.
I backup our conversation every week by copying our conversation from Skype and pasting it into Microsoft Word for safekeeping.
Today, after a year and 4 months of correspondence, I noticed our correspondence is almost 2,600 pages in MS Word and contains over a million words shared between us. One million words that will one day be edited and added to our book.
I hope soon that Anna will finally be here and we can finish our book. I can't say it will be easy but I think we have a story that is unique and will generate a high demand for our future book. In fact I have spoken to numerous people who think this could become a good topic for a movie. And to be honest I have had two different people that don't even know each other confront me to tell me Brad Pitt should play my part in the movie.
While it is nice to dream of a future that comes with a best selling love story and a movie, it is of little importance to me. My only desire is to finally bring Anna and her children to be here to be with me. That is my goal and that is the only thing I desire and that is all Anna wants as well. Everything beyond that would be icing on the cake as they say.
I only hope that our correspondence will not reach two million words or 5,000 pages before she can come. But unfortunately we are still in the process of waiting. We are halfway from the average time it takes to get our petition approved. We have waited 2 1/2 months of the 5 month average waiting period. I hope it happens sooner but it is completely beyond our control.
I can promise one thing, once Anna and I find out the good news, you all will be the first to know.