Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Legal immigration vs. Illegal Immigration

There is so much talk in politics right now regarding immigration reform. It seems that everyone wants to make it easier for people to immigrate to the United States. Unfortunately, these talks only refer to the people that came here illegally and are already here in America. There is nothing said about how difficult and time consuming it is to come here legally.
It is sad that Anna could not have crossed our border illegally from Mexico because I think everything would be much easier and cheaper. The U.S. government requires so much money and so much time to come here legally, it seems easier to have Anna go to Mexico and come across illegally. In fact, it may be faster and cheaper to go that route than it is to go through the legal method. But unfortunately Mexico protects its borders and Anna is unable to go to Mexico.
I have to say it is beyond frustrating to try to bring her over legally. It cost me $340.00 just to file a request for her to come here as my fiance. We have heard nothing from the US government for 5 months. If they approve our petition (And that is a big IF), I will have to pay an additional $2500.00 after we are married just to get her and the children green cards so that she can get a job if she wants and her children can attend our schools.
It is unfortunate that she cannot cross the southern border illegally because I would not have to worry about all these things. It seems that illegal aliens (people who don't file for visa's and cross the border illegally) have it easy and these are the people our politicians cater to. It seems they can attend our schools for free and get jobs without having to wait 5 months and pay $340.00 for a chance at a visa. Most don't even pay taxes.
Is it immigration reform or is it amnesty? You be the judge. If it was immigration reform, they would make it easier to immigrate legally. But unfortunately all the talk is about making everyone that came here illegally, legal citizens. It doesn't make immigration easier, it only rewards people who did not follow the rules.
Anna and I are doing it the legal way and it is nearly impossible.
That is my rant. We are still waiting for forever!