Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Finally after almost four long days in Moscow followed by a twelve hour bus ride, Anna returned home. It had been four very long days and I could not communicate with her.
I did manage to talk to her once on the phone. I could not understand most of what she said but she told me she was okay and told me the children said hi. We spoke very briefly before ending our conversation. I was glad to know her and the children were okay. I was getting so worried.
I was very surprised to get her call on Skype. I was expecting her to be home a day later. I thought she had told me her interview was on July 2nd but she had it on the first of July.
I was playing pool inside my garage with a friend when I received her call. I had to apologize to him as I sent him quickly home.
I was so excited to see her. It felt like an eternity since I had seen her.
She was very tired after the long bus ride. She told me that she and the children had done a lot of walking around the city. She also told me they had difficulty sleeping in the hotel room because the bed creaked.
Then she proceeded to tell me about the interview. The interview was 4 hours long and there were nearly 400 people in the embassy at the same time. The person conducting the interview asked her many about us. They asked about how we met and where we met. They asked her questions about me. She was also asked why she wanted to marry an American man and why she thought I wanted to marry a Russian woman. She told them that she asked me this question, but didn't receive a definite answer. I told her that I had no choice but to find her in Russia. If Anna lived in Africa, I would have went there. If she was from Australia I would have met her there. In fact Russia is the only place in this world I could have found Anna. I think I told her this once before but she may have forgotten.
We are both very excited. Now all we need to do is wait for her to receive the visas and schedule her flight home. She still has many things to do before she can leave. There is a lot of packing that she needs to do among many other things that have to be done before she can leave.
Now we are trying to find affordable plane tickets for her and the children and we are trying to decide if she should fly into Boise or if I should go to meet her in Seattle. I have a friend who may be able to fly me there in his private plane to meet her at the Seattle Airport. Then Anna and the children can fly with us back home.
We are still exploring all the options and trying to work out all the details. If you have a suggestion, please feel free to comment.