Sunday, April 29, 2012

Our First Conversation in Russian

I have been studying the Russian language almost non-stop every day using the Pimsleur Approach and today I was able to speak with Anna briefly in Russian. Our first conversation was brief and consisted of the very first words I spoke to her and the title of this blog.
I spoke to Anna "Privet Anna!" and she answered "Privet". I responded with the question, "Kak dela?" which means in English "How are you?". She responded to the question with "Ochi horosho" which means "Very Well" in English. This is a huge break through for us because we were able to finally speak verbally to one another in Anna's own native language. She understood me and I understood her.
Even though I will need to learn much more of the language, I feel like this was a great step for us. I was able to speak a few more words also but I still have much to learn. Finally after 1150 pages of written words, we spoke our first conversation! It may not seem like much to those who are reading the story but for us, it is a huge milestone!

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