Thursday, April 26, 2012

Troubling Dreams

Today Anna told me of a dream she had last night that troubled her. She wanted an interpretation and I gave it to her. Personally I think it is very accurate and she is also in agreement but we wanted to post it here in the hopes that someone else can confirm my interpretation. I will not tell the interpretation here but here is the dream.

"I walk with someone on the seaside city. They showed me a very old shabby house. And on this house is a lot of decorative details. Casings of the windows, along the cornices. And I see that all of these carved details of the house is very well preserved. They all whole, not broken. And I think that if this house repair, it will be very beautiful. And in the yard of the house, at the top, like a network, the web with huge spiders. Spiders are very large in the size of a young child. And in the middle of the yard is in a chaise lounge and a sunbathing woman. I ask her: 'Are you not afraid of the spiders?', and she replied: 'Don't pay any attention to them'"

Sorry for the errors with grammar, but this is a direct quote of the dream. Please feel free to comment with your opinion of the interpretation.
A dream and its interpretation

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  1. although the home may look nice and nothing broken and a woman sunbathing it might seem to be a pleasant time for the woman in the yard, she should realize that just because the outside looks nice the inside could be hiding a lot of untold nasty mean stories that would warn her to stay away and not get involved.