Friday, April 27, 2012

Read A Story To Me.

Learning to speak another language is not easy. I purchased the Pimsleur Approach about a month ago and am learning very slowly. I want to know how to speak Russian fluently one day but it will take years to learn this way. I do not have years. I have only a few brief months before I go visit her in Russia.

Even though Anna is also studying her English, I find it necessary to learn Russian also. Anna has volunteered to record herself reading books and send them to me with the hope I can listen to her while I fall asleep. Our hope is that with the combined methods of the Pimsleur Approach and flooding my brain with the words will help me to learn enough in a few short months to enable us to communicate in Russian.

Even if it doesn't help, it will be nice to hear her speak to me. She truly has a beautiful voice. If an Angel spoke, I am sure it would sound just like her. If you haven't yet read her story, feel free to read her story in her own words

True Love Story

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