Sunday, July 22, 2012

It is finally here!

After over 1650 pages of written correspondence between Anna and I, my passport was returned with an approved Visa to Russia! Finally I can go visit Anna!
Thanks to the generosity of a good friend of mine, my plane tickets have already been purchased so now it is time for us to wait.
I will finally be able to see Anna in person for the very first time. As I prepare for my trip she is working out the details regarding the sights we will visit and where we will stay. To be honest I don't care what we see or where we stay. The only important thing to me is that I will be with her.
It will be a very long flight there with a 10 hour layover at JFK Airport in New York, but it is well worth it to me. If I spent 1 week in the air to spend an hour with her it will be worth it. Fortunately I will be there just over a week. So we will be able to spend many hours together.

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