Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Good things are coming soon!

For all of you who are waiting to see pictures, we are working on getting pictures taken for the website. While I am not very picky as to what pictures I put up on the website, Anna is very picky.

She needs to make sure that she not only looks her very best, but she also needs to get the pictures taken in such a way to ensure her privacy in her hometown.

She is very concerned about the privacy of her and her children. The last thing we want is for her to be required to answer questions from acquaintances that surround her daily.

Another good thing that is on its way is the continuation of Anna's story in her own words. She sent me the text today and I will start working to get it all translated. This will take some time. I hope to have the continuation posted on the website by the end of this week.

If you have not read her story yet you can see it here

The pictures will be here soon. Until then, I hope you enjoy this composition I created for Anna using a photo that I took and Photoshop.

True love


  1. Mail order bride? That's interesting, but who am I to judge. Nice job with the cowboy hat.

    1. No I can assure you that Anna is not a "Mail order Bride". She never had considered ever moving from Russia until she met me. And the site we met each other is not a paid service to meet people. is a free social networking site and that is the site where I met her.